About Lorraine’s Pharmacy

Pharmacy Assistants

Joyce Schutt
Pharmacy Assistant

Mother of one.  Joined Lorraine’s Pharmacy in 1971.  She is the only assistant to have worked for two generations of Briggs pharmacists; first Ron and Lorraine, and now Chris.  Joyce is one of the computer processing assistants at Lorraine’s and also handles all the special claims processing.  Her experience has helped to make her somewhat of the third-party payer expert at Lorraine’s Pharmacy. 

Outside of pharmacy, Joyce enjoys spending time with her son Mark, and especially enjoys her role as Grandmother to her grandchildren Ethan and Emily.  Joyce says her hobbies include reading and baking, but the rest of the staff know that her truly favorite thing to do is lie in the sun and savor a glass of her homemade wine while indulging in some dark chocolate.  Let’s face it, what can compete with chocolate?!?

Kim Herron
Pharmacy Assistant

Rejoined Lorraine’s Pharmasave in 2004 after working at Wal Mart pharmacy in Pembroke prior to that.  Kim first got started with Lorraine’s as a high school co-op student and liked working here so much that she just had to come back!  Kim has specialized in compliance packaging preparation and management.  She takes care of all compliance packaging for Water Tower Lodge residents, Madawaska Valley Association for Community Living (MVACL) residents, as well as for those patients in the community who utilize compliance packaging.  Kim also processes and trouble-shoots prescriptions in the main dispensary.  She is an accurate, efficient, and versatile assistant, able to jump into any role that is asked of her.

Outside of pharmacy, Kim enjoys camping, fishing, shopping, and painting.  Kim has fit in very well at Lorraine’s Pharmacy where she is the junior member of the “Addicted To Chocolate” club, with Joyce and Maureen as president and vice-president of the club, respectively!

Berenice Klatt
Pharmacy Assistant

Mother of three.  Joined Lorraine’s Pharmacy in 2006 as a full time pharmacy assistant.  Berenice has quickly moved up in the dispensary and is now processing, preparing, and troubleshooting prescription issues.  Her ability to multi-task has been a great asset in a busy retail pharmacy.

Outside of pharmacy, Berenice enjoys spending time with her husband, Warren, daughters Sarah, April, and Krista and grandchildren, Chloe, Ethan, Damien, and Taylor.  She also enjoys the outdoors, gardening, and shopping.  When asked if she likes to cook or do crafts she says she cooks only because a person has to eat to live and she doesn’t like to make crafts since she prefers to buy them already made; at least she is honest!

Kelly Dombroski
Pharmacy Assistant

Mother of two.  Joined Lorraine’s Pharmasave in 2010.  Kelly divides her time 50/50 between processing prescriptions in the dispensary and processing prescriptions for Valley Manor residents.  Kelly is a dedicated, hard-working, and versatile assistant who can always be counted on to stay late and get the nursing home orders done and delivered to Valley Manor in a timely fashion.

Outside of pharmacy, Kelly enjoys spending time with her husband Joe and her two children – Dylan and Abby.  She also enjoys listening to music, Facebook, and all things farm-related or, more specifically, cow-related.  There’s not much she doesn’t know about our bovine friends, including how to deliver a calf!  She has also been known to drive her tractor down the main street in Barry’s Bay and to advocate for the removal of vegetables from Canada’s Food Guide.  Without a doubt, Kelly is one-of-a-kind and the pharmacy is lucky to have her!

Margaret Fraser
Pharmacy Assistant

Mother of three.  Re-joined Lorraine’s Pharmasave in 2012 after being away on extended “sabbatical” in Scotland.  Prior to that, she worked at the pharmacy for a number of years.  She works opposite Kelly in that her time is also divided 50/50 between processing prescriptions in the dispensary and processing prescriptions for Valley Manor residents.  Margaret is an upbeat, versatile and dedicated assistant who also makes sure that Valley Manor gets top-notch service.

Outside of pharmacy, Margaret enjoys spending time with her husband Michael, whom she met while in Scotland, and their three children – Matteo, Marcas and Mackenzie.  She enjoys reading and outdoor activities such as camping and travelling.  Unlike Kelly, who would like to remove vegetables from Canada’s Food Guide, apparently Margaret would like to add a new food group; chocolate.  Speaking of food, Margaret’s co-workers observe that she really should be given special permission to take an hour for lunch since she loves to savor her food and not simply inhale it like the rest of her co-workers.

Mallory Voldock
Pharmacy Assistant

Mother of one.  Joined Lorraine’s Pharmasave in 2013.  Mallory is one of the newest members of the dispensary team.  She has proved to be a fast learner and is proficient in prescription preparation, blister-pack preparations, and customer service.

Outside of pharmacy, Mallory enjoys spending time with her son, Andrew.  Mallory also enjoys figure skating, snowboarding and anything outdoors in nature.  Mallory recently obtained a diploma in Police Foundations, however, ironically, she ended up on the other side of the law, selling drugs!



Tracy Glofcheskie
Pharmacy Assistant

Mother of two.  Joined Lorraine’s Pharmasave in 2013.  Tracy is also one of the newbies on the dispensary team.  She has been a quick study, now performing most all of the tasks required such as processing, blister-pack preparations, and problem solving.  She is also an Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program coach.

Outside of pharmacy, Tracy enjoys spending time with her husband Brian and their two sons – Brady and Skyler.  Apparently, Tracy also offers courses in Doomsday Survival since she has become an expert living out in Rockingham where she has experienced more power outages than anywhere else in the Madawaska Valley and perhaps even the Ottawa Valley!

Angela Vitkuske
Pharmacy Assistant

Mother of four.  Joined Lorraine’s Pharmacy in 1998 as bookkeeper and stayed in that position until 2013 when she decided to take a break from the drug-selling business.  In 2015 she returned as a full time pharmacy assistant where she fit right back into the Lorraine’s Pharmsave family as though she had never left!  Angie says she enjoyed her time off but is glad to be back and building her skill set as a pharmacy assistant.

Outside of the pharmacy, Angie enjoys spending time with her family; husband – John, four children – Heather, Jennifer, Jeff and Tim, and three grandchildren – Annabel, John, and Joshua.  Angie’s hobbies include reading, travelling and cooking.  However, we all think Angie should team up with Joyce as a comedy duo of fine-wine connoisseurs who can’t figure out whether they love each other or hate each other.