About Lorraine’s Pharmacy

Pharmacy Technicians

Yvonne Cybulskie
RPhT, Dispensary Manager

Mother of three.  Joined Lorraine’s Pharmacy in 2001.  She completed her primary training in compounding with PCCA in 2001 and soon after began working full time in the laboratory at Lorraine’s Pharmacy.  Yvonne enjoys the challenges and rewards of specialty compounding and is the backbone behind the high standards for quality compounded products at Lorraine’s Pharmacy.  As her experience has grown, so too has her role in the compounding process, with problem solving for difficult compounds being her specialty.  In 2002, Yvonne was also put in charge of demonstrating glucose monitors to diabetes patients where she enjoys keeping up on the ever-expanding diabetes monitor market.  In 2007, Yvonne was promoted to the position of Dispensary Manager and is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations and the responsibilities of all other full-time and student assistants.  The efficiency of the dispensary has improved significantly since she accepted this role.

Outside of pharmacy, Yvonne is a dedicated wife and mother who enjoys spending time with her family; husband – Jim, and three children – Jimmy, Candice, and Tyler.  Yvonne’s hobbies include swimming, walking, dancing, and skiing.  Probably her least favorite “hobby” at work is trying to chase down a pharmacist to get a “check” on a compound.  Staring at the pharmacist through the window in the compounding room usually works, but she’s been known to stop just short of throwing things at the pharmacists to get their attention. 

Gloria Kosnaskie
RPhT, Assistant Dispensary Manager

Mother of three. Rejoined Lorraine’s Pharmacy in 2008 after working at St. Frances Memorial Hospital in Barry’s Bay for the previous three years.  Prior to her time in hospital pharmacy, Gloria was a Technician at Lorraine’s Pharmacy from 2000 through 2005.  Just like Kim, Gloria liked working at Lorraine’s Pharmacy so much that she just had to come back!  Gloria completed the Pharmacy Technician program at Humber College prior to starting her pharmacy career and completed her primary training in compounding with PCCA in 2001.  Gloria is in charge of Inventory Management for the dispensary; which is a job unto itself for such a busy retail pharmacy.  On top of this she still manages to find time to compound a significant portion of the specialty compounds, assist patients with blood glucose monitoring devices and blood pressure devices, and jump in and trouble shoot at a moment’s notice in the dispensary.  Finally, as Assistant Dispensary Manager, Gloria helps Yvonne oversee day-to-day operations and the responsibilities of all other full-time and student assistants.

Outside of pharmacy, Gloria enjoys spending time with her three children – Kristen, Maria, and Abbey. She also enjoys karate, running, gardening, and reading. We all think Gloria deserves a medal for having her three girls within a three year period . . . . she blames it on working with hormones so much in the compounding room (compounding “womb”?).  Regardless, Gloria tells us she’s scared these days since the teenage years are just around the corner and she’ll have three girls in that age range all at once!  Good luck with that Gloria!