Dental Compounding

Dental Compounding"Brush them and floss them and take them to the dentist, and they will stay with you. Ignore them, and they'll go away." — Advertisement in Time Feb. 11, 1985 by the American Dental Association

Do you remember your first visit to the dentist? For many, it was an anxious experience with pain never to be forgotten. Fortunately, today's modern dental practice has advanced to the point of almost being painless. And where once upon a time, the most common task of the dentist was to fill cavities when the patient reluctantly sought treatment for a toothache, today their goal is to enable individuals to keep their teeth throughout their lifetime. Without a doubt, the dentistry of today is not the dentistry of yesteryear.

Despite the huge advances in the science of dentistry, the therapeutic options available to dental practitioners still have limitations. That is, no two patients are alike with respect to their dental needs. There is a subset of dental patients who have not responded to standard medicines or who are unable to use a commercially prepared medication.

This is where the dental compounding service at Lorraine's Pharmacy can be of service to dental practitioners and their patients. Using the latest in dental compounding technology, we can compound medications specifically tailored to a person's needs and thereby offer creative solutions beyond the conventional. We do this by way of a close working relationship with the dental practitioner in which we fill the dental practitioner's need for individualized therapy for their patients. Our advanced knowledge of compounding allows us to compound products beyond the expertise or facilities/equipment of the dental practitioner. The result is a very effective team approach with knowledge bases that complement one another.

The following are examples of solutions that we have used to improve the dental treatments of our customers. If you feel that you or someone you know could benefit from our dental compounding services and would like more information, please contact one of our knowledgeable pharmacists. Or, inform your dental practitioner of our specialty compounding services. We will be happy to discuss all questions and concerns.

Examples of Problem-Solving Solutions:

  • Preparation of medications for mucositis (e.g. unique formulations with various combinations of antibiotics, antihistamines, antifungals, anesthetics, antivirals, corticosteroids, misoprostol, phenytoin, etc.)
  • Preparation of medications for pain syndromes arising from a variety of causes, including neuralgias, vesiculoerosive diseases, chemotherapy, neoplasms, trauma, infections and temporomandibular joint disorders (e.g. transdermal anti-inflammatory agents, either alone or in combination with carbamazepine, cyclobenzaprine, or ketamine, etc. These products can be applied to both intra- and extraoral neuralgias, the temporomandibular joints, skeletal muscles and trigger points. - Note: for more information on transdermal medication, see the "Transdermals" section of our web page)
  • Preparation of medications for cosmetic purposes (e.g. bleaching gel, mouthwashes, breath fresheners, etc.)
  • Preparation of medications in commercially unavailable dosage forms (e.g. gargles, mouth pastes, lozenges, lollipops, popsicles, throat sprays, topicals, etc.)
  • Flavor adjustment (especially in pediatrics)
  • Preparation of medications to alleviate xerostomia (saliva stimulant troches/lozenges, saliva substitutes, etc.)
  • Preparation of medications for intra-oral infections such as periodontal disease and candidiasis (e.g. antimycotics, microbicidals, antibiotics)
  • Preparation of medications without ingredients that can be irritating to the oral mucosa (e.g. without alcohol, unwanted preservatives, colors, or other additives commonly found in conventional products)