Discontinued Product Compounding

Discontinued Product Compounding"discontinue - 1. To stop doing or providing (something); end or abandon. 2. To cease making or manufacturing. 3. To cease subscribing to (a publication). 4. Law To terminate (an action) by discontinuance." — The American Heritage Dictionary

Many times, discontinued or back-ordered medications cause the unnecessary loss of therapeutic options. It is important to recognize that the reason a company discontinues a product is most often related to financial issues, not therapeutic ones. However, drug discontinuation sometimes poses very serious problems that can be life threatening for a patient or can result in chronic disabilities or a decreased quality of life. At Lorraine's Pharmacy we recognize the importance of therapies that physicians have come to know and trust in their practices. That's why we provide compounded versions of discontinued and/or back-ordered medications.

Below is a sampling of many of our most popular discontinued product compounds that we have made upon physician request. We compound discontinued prescription products, non-prescription products, as well as veterinary products. It is useful to note that this is by no means an exhaustive list, and we welcome new inquiries by both physicians and patients alike.

Examples of Discontinued Prescription Product Compounds:

  • atropine sulfate/hyoscyamine sulfate/kaolin/pectin/scopolamine hydrobromide (Donnagel® Liquid)
  • atropine sulfate/hyoscyamine sulfate/phenobarbital/scopolamine hydrobromide (Donnatal® Elixer, Donnatal® Tab)
  • attapulgite(activated)/opium/pectin (Donnagel-PG Cap®)
  • dienestrol vaginal cream (Ortho Dienestrol® Cream)
  • disulfiram (Antabuse®)
  • meclizine/niacin (Antivert®)
  • sulfapyridine (Dagenan®)
  • triamcinolone (Aristocort® Tablets, Aristocort® Syrup)
  • phenazopyridine (PhenazoŽ, PyridiumŽ)

Examples of Discontinued Non-Prescription Compounds:

  • allantoin/coal tar (Tegrin® Cream)
  • cyproheptadine syrup (Periactin® Syrup)
  • glycopyrrolate (Robinul® and Robinul Forte® Tablets)
  • pseudoephedrine syrup (Sudafed® Syrup)
  • senna suppositories (Senokot® Suppository)