Pharmacy Services

Conventional Prescriptions

DispensaryAt Lorraine's Pharmacy, our dispensary boasts the latest in pharmacy technology and equipment, along with a highly trained staff which enables us to fill your regular prescriptions in an efficient, accurate, and safe manner. Our computer systems utilize the latest in drug interaction checking software, and we are able to provide special medication requests such as easy-open vials, tablet splitting, various patient profile medication summary reports, and vacation-medication-supply preparation. In addition, our pharmacists can now help you in more ways than ever before by utilizing the expanded scope of practice for pharmacists.  This includes the ability to renew chronic stable medications, alter dose and/or formulation, and provide smoking cessation counseling and prescribing.

You can learn more about having prescriptions filled on our New Prescriptions page. You can also request refills on-line using our Prescription Refill page.